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Fulcrum Logic’s application development services revolve around service-oriented architecture, including J2EE and .NET, as well as client server development, to create solutions that address your business needs and technical requirements. With expertise and resources in the primary development environments, we can build or modify your mission-critical applications to ensure reliable delivery of the services you need to compete in today’s marketplace.

With an emphasis on service-oriented architecture, Fulcrum Logic drives down the total cost of application development by employing reusable components. Whether you are deploying with J2EE or .NET, our focus on planning the interaction of rules, services and flows ensures that your application supports your long-term strategies.

For Fulcrum Logic, development is not about the short-term. We focus on the application lifecycle and build with an eye on your future needs. Well-planned, quality development can reduce future resource requirements for maintenance and support of an application and simplify configuration management and performance. Quality development not only reduces the total cost of ownership for an application, but is essential for integrating the new and emerging technologies necessary to remain competitive.

To ensure high-quality, high-performance applications, we offers software quality assurance and testing. Applying software quality assurance techniques early and often can eliminate errors before they become costly.


Portal technology provides a composite application framework and the advanced tooling needed to build flexible, SOA based solutions which allow partners, employees and customers to choose their user experience, with personalized applications based on role, context, actions, location, preferences and team collaboration needs. It provides a user with a front door for sharing information, automation .

Portal Solutions

  • Customer Portal (24×7 availability with high-volume)
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Vertical Portal (Logistics, Supply Chain)
  • Vendor & Partner Portal
  • Collaboration Portal​


An AMR Academic report says that 50% of the development cost lies in defect detection and defect fixing costs a whopping $60 billion. Proper software testing in a dedicated environment can help brings costs down to $20 billion.

Fulcrum’s Testing Services help customers leverage our best practices, reusable assets, comprehensive test repository, global delivery models and 24 x 7 support to deliver reliable and quality software.


Maintenance Services offers customer a reduction in the overall operational costs and provides an opportunity for business to focus on their core value driven initiatives.  Fulcrum carries a decade of experience in maintaining and providing support to business critical applications across the globe.  Our Maintenance Service offer covers  an array of software platforms such as Java, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, LAMP,etc.  Fulcrum offers round the clock support to ensure that the business critical applications have maximum uptime.  Our Maintenance Service handle the following activities:

  • Managing ongoing application issues and fixes.
  • Processing routine change requests.
  • Change request, new features and functionality development.
  • Application monitoring and periodic health check.
  • Application usage monitoring and report generation.
  • Changes, routine maintenance and performance of Database.
  • Incremental upgrade of Software and application releases.
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