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JBoss Portal Framework

Fulcrum Logic responds to customer requirements in the portal implementation areas with our proven capabilities in open source JBoss portal implementation to help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search.

Value proposition

Portal strategy:
1. Provides assistance in accelerating the standardization and delivery of Portal Development Framework, a framework delivering enterprise-class applications through the enterprise-standard JBoss Portal Server and WAM (Web Asset Management) / CDA (Content Delivery Application).

2. Defines the application architecture and development framework, and leverage Fulcrums Global Delivery approach to implement a viable reference application demonstrating many of the defined or desired features as determined by the client.

3. Proposes a Global Delivery approach to bring overall value to your company in-terms of technical expertise and scalability which comprises several parallel efforts: Framework Development will be to continue to define and prototype architectural concepts and standards. Application Development provides a business-ready reference application demonstrating these concepts and standards. These efforts are complemented by Consulting, Mentoring and Collaboration.

Framework Development:
The Framework Development effort is focused on extending the existing Enterprise Framework; with an emphasis on investigating and implementing the following subject areas:

1. Integration of the JBoss Portal (portlet container 2.0) with the Enterprise WAM-CDA framework

2. Standardizing the application framework integration with JBoss message queuing

3. Creation of a standard Enterprise Portlets, to provide a common code base to leverage the Enterprise Portal Framework

4. Design and development of an asynchronous logging framework that can be used with portlets and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Application Development:
The Application Development effort is focused on selecting existing standards in the development framework as well standards to be defined as part of the Portal Framework.

1. Development effort to define a business-ready, usable application to help demonstrate the effectiveness of these standards to the Autodesk community.

2. Migration effort to move all business critical components into Jboss framework from other application environment.