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Domain Expertise

Fulcrum Logic has built a matrix of technical domain expertise, business domain expertise and solution domain expertise to deliver solutions rapidly to the clients' business needs. This spans across vertical domains and horizontal solutions using state-of-the-art technologies.

By Industries
Fulcrum Logic realizes that a key factor of success in outsourced projects is to make sure that the partner completely understands the business needs of the client. At Fulcrum Logic we bring in expertise developed over several man-years of experience on the functional aspects of technology and processes to translate this domain knowledge to business solutions.

By Technology
The only 'constant' in technology is 'change'. Fulcrum Logic has the capability to adapt to new technologies rapidly, to keep abreast of the most current technologies and deliver solutions using these technologies.

By Business Solution
Fulcrum Logic has prior experience in delivering specific solutions to clients that can be leveraged to provide rapid new solutions. Solutions such as content management are applicable to a wide variety of industries and can be customized to meet specific needs.


How do our service offerings add value to your projects?

With the help of our tried & tested methodology, all of our service offerings integrated together, allows us to offer a unique value proposition to our clients. Our integrated service offerings have enabled us to successfully deliver projects for global clients as well as small to medium businesses. In the end, all our clients have praised us for minimizing their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of their projects while achieving quicker ROI.

We are very clear in our value proposition and the benefits that we offer to our clients. These benefits could be seen under three different lights – Technology, Industry and Solutions.