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Fulcrum Logic is a Global IT and Business consulting organization, providing localized services for medium and large organizations world-wide. At Fulcrum Logic, we have distilled the key elements from successful projects and honed our services and solutions to meet customer needs.

At the heart of our strategy are three key customer objectives: business innovation, business optimization and IT optimization. By focusing on these areas, we help our valued clients tackle the most complex and challenging IT and business initiatives cost-effectively and quickly. This focus has also led to the establishment of unique, dedicated centers of excellence that are key to our thought leadership and expertise across all areas. For our customers, this means we can deliver successful projects that concentrate on key IT goals and opportunities. Despite the global nature of our business, our commitment is always to deliver the greatest Return on Revenue (RoR).

Our Business is focused on four Strategic Business Units seen under our Value Offerings. Enterprise Application Services (comprising of our SOA Practice, Custom Application Development, Product Outsourcing and Application Maintenance), Enterprise Portals Enterprise Data Services (BI and DW, ERP package implementations) Testing Services Innovation fires the imagination and delivers result.

Through our revolutionary Global Delivery Framework, we leverage the vast repository of knowledge that we have built over the years into an agile and dynamic value proposition. The Global Delivery Framework is an initiative that harnesses innovation incorporating engineering best practices focusing on design and process automation to achieve enhanced productivity. A unique approach to realize significantly faster, better and cost effective solutions!


At Fulcrum Logic salary is just the beginning of the compensation package. That’s why we use the term total compensation – it’s the best way to illustrate the combination of monetary components that demonstrate Fulcrum Logic’s commitment to its employees.

The direct (or cash) portion of total compensation is the base salary, plus Partnership Plan earnings and potential bonus.

Benefits Offered by Fulcrum Logic

  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan:  Retire confidently, we offer 401K plan for retirement. We offer easy enrollment into this by enabling you to enroll online choosing your own option saving.

Training Program
Fulcrum Logic offers the opportunity to grow both in life and in work. Training Program is one such medium. Employees, who have been with Fulcrum Logic for more than a year, can take advantage of this program and fulfill their desires to grow in this rapid moving pace of technology and entrepreneur skills.

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